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Gamma+ BARBER Titanium Hairdryer

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Gamma+ offers the ultimate muscle dryer – the sleek, sexy and heavy-duty Barber dryer.

With the finest Italian design and latest technology, the Gamma+ Barber dryer offers a fully insulated grooved barrel for heat-free easy to grip operation.
The perfectly balanced design is optimized for use no matter if held by the barrel or handle. At low speed and high heat the Barber dryer is engineered at the optimal setting for drying beards and moustaches.

The Gamma+ Barber dryer features a double wave heating element for the most consistent even heat possible. Flip the comfort switches to maximum and can achieve temperatures of up to 300°F.

Advanced tourmaline-ionization technology generates negative ions and concentrated far-infrared for intelligent heat to quickly dry hair from the inside out up to 75% faster. It seals and protect strands’ natural shine-reflective outer cuticle layer and reduces frizz and static.

With a supercharged professional AC motor, the Gamma+ Barber dryer offers faster drying speed. Lab tests clock the power at over 100 miles per hour motor speed/velocity. Ideal for all hair types, the Gamma+ Barber dryer is the dryer of choice for textured, coarse or unruly hair.

Manufactured in Italy, it is handcrafted in our solar powered facility in Cazzago. The tough design spares no detail with a heavy-duty feel and incredible durability. Featuring a stunning removable stainless-steel back filter that is over-engineered to allow maximum airflow while preventing dirt and debris.