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Living Pure Natural Skincare

DIAMOND ELITE Extra Enriched Hand Cream

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The Diamond Elite Extra Enriched Hand Cream from Living Pure National absorbs quickly for no messy residue and combines only the finest bio-active ingredients into a balanced formula that moisturizes and protects. Your hands will look and feel younger as they benefit from a comprehensive blend of botanicals that nourish dry or cracked skin to leave behind healthy and rejuvenated hands.

Protect against elements such as wind, rain, or heat, and enjoy silky-smooth hands you’ll be proud to show off of work, home, or on the go. Living Pure Natural brings together the very best natural compounds from around the world to deliver their customers a premium hand lotion that’s pure and vegan-friendly.

Free of parabens and using a dermatologically tested list of compounds, The DIAMOND ELITE Extra Enriched Hand Cream from Living Pure National can be relied on for extraordinary hydrating benefits on a day-to-day basis. Those living in dry climates or in winter months will appreciate the powerful moisturizing capabilities of jojoba oil, argan, and almond oils.

Your hands will feel refreshed and revitalized as the selective ingredients found within Living Pure Natural’s Extra Enriched Hand Cream soothe and protect in nearly any environment. Don’t leave your health to chance, with a first-class hand cream that focuses solely on all-natural active ingredients.

Get more from a potent hydrating natural hand cream featuring highly sought-after natural ingredients that include:

-Almond oil

-Jojoba oil

-Argan oil

-Rich in oleic acid

Optimized for less mess and easier absorption, the DIAMOND ELITE Extra Enriched Hand Cream from Living Pure National has a light and non-sticky texture that makes it enjoyable to apply day or night for efficient relief and protection from dry or damaged skin. Go on the offense against skin damage with proven nutrients and compounds that soothe sore areas and create a lasting and renewed healthy sensation all over the hands.

Each jar is portable enough to be taken on the go, so you can access comprehensive, all-natural skin relief at work, at the gym, or anywhere you may happen to travel. Bring a sense of youthful vigor to your hands rarely experienced, with help from an expertly crafted hand cream that leaves nothing to chance.

Throughout the day, it can be important to make sure you feel at your very best, especially when it comes to your hands, which are a crucial part of any person’s daily lifestyle. Living Pure National’s DIAMOND ELITE Extra Enriched Hand Cream puts you in complete control over your health, so you can make decisions that impact your life without the restricting and inhibiting factor of damaged and painful skin.

You can feel good about purchasing a hand lotion containing only safe and tested ingredients that are proven to be effective when it comes to delivering healthier, more hydrated skin. Facing the elements or dealing with daily work activities can often prove a challenge for your skin, but you can now give your hands the best chance for optimal health when you invest in your own jar of premium hydrating hand cream from Living Pure National.

Make the choice to buy your own jar of DIAMOND ELITE Extra Enriched Hand Cream from Living Pure Natural today put the healing power of all-natural botanicals at your fingertips whenever you need it most.

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