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BE Blonde

BE Blonde Silver Shine Anti Yellow Shampoo

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The perfect Beauty Routine for all blonde hair.

What’s the secret for perfect blonde hair? BE BLONDE SILVER SHINE. This line revives your blonde, neutralizing the yellowish tinge and deeply nourishing your hair.

Be Blonde Silver Shine is a complete range of products specifically formulated for the beauty of all blonde colours: from natural to bleached, from blonde highlights to white and grey hair.

Thanks to the special blue-violet pigment at intensive action, Be Blonde Silver Shine products neutralize the unwanted brassy colours leaving hair beautiful, rich and soft.

The formulas are enriched with a blend of active ingredients such as Plex, Hyaluronic Acid, Coenzime Q10 and Collagen, which have a deep restoring action on hair shaft while enhancing hair brightness.

The result is light and fluffy hair, easy to comb, very shiny, voluminous, soft to touch and without the unpleasant yellowish tinge.

Anti-yellow cleansing treatment for blond, bleached or grey hair, containing plex, hyaluronic acid and collagen. Formula enriched with a high percentage of purple pig-ment with intensive action, it cleanses, detangles and il-luminates blond hair neutralizing the unwanted yellow re-flection and giving back soft and visibly restructured hair.