VEGAN Hair Colour....Make the change

VEGAN Hair Colour....Make the change

What’s vegan hair colour?

Many hair colours are packed with harmful chemicals and animal byproducts, vegan alternatives are more filled with more natural ingredients and absolutely NO animal byproducts. Our INcolour range is low in ammonia, allowing you to get hair shiny, whilst respecting hair fibres and protecting from any damage. Thanks to Phyto-Keratin, Argan Oil, and Grape Seed Butter, INcolor ensures a restructuring and deep conditioning action.

Why you should use vegan hair colour:

Whether you or your clients are vegan or not, here’s why you should make the switch!

Anything a non-vegan colour can do, we can do (better)! We can’t speak for all vegan colour but we know our own INcolour performs just as well, if not better than all major brands.

1. No Compromise

There is a stigma that choosing ethical, vegan products means you give something up or compromise. Perhaps this was true when such products were first introduced e.g. limited colours or performance, however the need to vegan products has propelled the market to create an alternative products that compete with the largest of brands.

2. For the Love of Animals

We all love our pets and would be heartbroken if anything slight were to happen to them, but we brush over exploitation of animals for our products, mostly because we don’t see the pain and suffering first hand. If we have alternatives that do as good a job, if not better, then why let an innocent animal suffer? We can illuminate killing and exploitation just by making the switch to professional vegan hair colour such as INcolour

3. For Health

Harsh chemicals in the majority of professional colour leave lasting damage on the scalp. Clients may not even know this is from such services as they have not had a serious reaction, however 70%+ experience dry, flakey scalp and pass it off as dandruff. When our scalp changes, it is giving us a message, that something is wrong. Our scalp and skin in general is not meant to be compromised by harsh chemicals and non natural ingredients. Furthermore, there is a higher chance of extreme reaction with non vegan professional colour due to ingredients.

The natural ingredients you’ll find in our professional vegan hair colour won’t damage or irritate your scalp. Our products are tested for irritants and are not likely to compromise scalp health. In fact, our natural nourishing ingredients are there to sooth the scalp whilst colouring hair. Not only will your scalp be in better health when using professional vegan hair colour, but your hair will too. Hair is not stripped and weakened like it is when using harsh chemical filled colours. INSIGHT nourishes whilst it colours, leaving hair healthier than before a service.

4. Quality of Results

We can’t speak for all vegan hair colour but we sure can speak for INSIGHT Incolor! The quality of vegan colour speaks for itself! 


blonde hair vegan hair colour
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insight incolor results brunette
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vegan hair colour insight incolor red
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 5. For our planet

A lot of hair dyes are packed with harmful chemicals like ammonia. Using a vegan alternative  usually means that natural ingredients are more prominent.

Our Flowerology hair dyes contain natural ingredients and are free from the usual nasties that you find in other hair dyes. In fact, our hair dyes are 95% natural and contain 75% organic materials. The natural composition of our hair dyes means that you’ll cause less damage to your hair compared to conventional dyes. They contain natural botanical ingredients that help to add strength and nourishment to your hair. Unlike most dyes that you’re probably used to, ours DONT CONTAIN AMMONIA – you know, the ingredient that irritates skin and eyes. Surely that’s a bonus!

6. To Support Ethical Companies

It’s 2022, we are hugely informed about ethical choices and business practices, it’s surprising to think that not all professional colour brands are making such choices. We, along with many others have proven the incredible results with vegan hair colour, yet others choose to continue to use animal byproducts. Large companies should be held accountable for their actions. If 1 major brand made ethical choices, the effects could equate to 20 small vegan brands trying to make a change. What can salons do? Choose ethical, vegan products and show the non ethical brands things need to change.

INSIGHT is 100% Vegan and certified Vegan OK. We are fully sustainable and only use recycled PET for packaging.

About INcolour

Fall head over heels with  colour again. Get the incredible results you’re used to but feel better about the products you use! Professional vegan hair colour is the future, and the future is now!


  • 100% Vegan certified Vegan OK
  • Nourishes hair whilst colouring
  • 100% coverage of the most difficult grey hair
  • Long lasting colour
  • Deep and intense tones
  • Cruelty-free
  • High percentage of natural derived ingredients
  • Nickel tested <0.5 PPM

You can also fill your salon and offer a variety of other vegan products like shampoo, treatments and styling products.  Remember, you don’t have to be vegan to support vegan salon supplies, all small steps towards a better future count!