The Secret Of An Healthy Scalp

The Secret Of An Healthy Scalp

Rebalancing Exfoliating Cream. The secrets to a healthy scalp

Taking care of your hair is important if we want it to grow healthy and beautiful. But we mustn't forget about the scalp! Find out how to best take care of it.

We all know the benefits of regular exfoliation of the face and body: it makes the skin glowy and smooth, it is a good way to encourage cell renewal, and it also helps to achieve an even and long-lasting tan. In short, removing the top layer of dead skin cells from our skin has numerous advantages. In recent years this habit has also been applied more widely to the scalp: in fact, regular gentle exfoliation of the scalp is a great habit if done correctly and with the right product.

Healthy hair in healthy scalp

The ongoing quest for strong, healthy hair necessarily starts with a healthy, clean and undamaged scalp. However, cleansing with a shampoo is often not enough, and an extra step may be requested. This is where scalp exfoliation comes in, which can be a real "lifesaver" in our routine, the solution we needed without knowing it! By gently massaging the scalp with the right product, we can help to cleanse the skin more thoroughly, eliminating any products build up.

Build up: what it is and how to avoid it

Sometimes we wash our hair every day, but regardless we still feel it is heavy to the touch, not perfectly clean. Sound familiar? The cause could be the product build-up: a progressive layering of styling products, silicones, moisturizers and sebum which, if not carefully removed, can lead to hair becoming dull and heavy.

Insight has created a special product for this purpose, which gently but effectively exfoliates the delicate skin of the scalp, leaving it free from impurities and ready for the next steps. The Rebalancing Scalp Exfoliating Cream, thanks to thanks to the organic lavender and sage extracts, and tea tree oil, with anti-bacterial properties, carries out an exfoliating and simultaneously purifying action: while eliminating dead cells and accumulations of natural oils from the skin, it helps to combat excess sebum and the formation of dandruff, thanks to the scrubbing particles of Andiroba which ensure a gentle but effective scrub on the scalp. In addition, this formula contains no animal derivatives, as it’s Vegan OK certified.

Using the exfoliating cream is very simple. Start by taking a small amount of product and applying it to dry scalp. Using your fingertips, massage gently, making sure to cover the entire head, and adding more product as necessary. Once the massage is complete, rinse thoroughly. That's it! After this gentle exfoliation we can proceed with the hair routine we desire: an anti-dandruff, anti-loss, sebum-regulating treatment, etc. Whichever choice we make, we can be sure that our treatment will be more effective, because we are applying it to perfectly clean skin, free of impurities. Ideally, the skin should be exfoliated regularly to keep the formation of sebum under control.

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