The secret to a perfect blonde

The secret to a perfect blonde

Tired of the orange highlights of your blonde? We have the perfect solution for you. A line specially designed to revive the cold reflections of blonde, treated and natural hair

Not all blond hair is created equal. For example, there is a huge difference between a naturally blond hair and a processed hair that goes blond from a darker color. Treated blond hair is a whole different universe, that needs special care and attention.

Taking care of blond hair is essential if we want the color to remain as unaltered and brilliant as the first day, but it is not always easy. The most important thing to do is to choose the right products: once you've found them, the rest will be downhill.

Maybe she’s born with it… or maybe not

There are those who don’t have to resort to bleaching in order to achieve their ideal blonde, and those who, starting from a darker base color, must undergo more than one bleaching process to eradicate the yellow and orange melanin from the hair, especially if the final goal is a particularly light and cold blonde shade.

The bleaching step is particularly important and delicate: it aims to remove all the pigment from the cortex of the hair. In order to obtain a very pale shade of blonde with cool highlights, bleaching must be done to perfection, otherwise there will be no products or treatments able to eliminate brassiness from the hair. There is another thing to keep in mind: if we have very dark hair and we want to achieve a light, cool blonde, it is unlikely that we will be able to get to the final color within a single session. It will take several steps, weeks or months apart, to gradually achieve the desired result together with our hair stylist, without stressing and damaging the hair. In this case, patience is our best ally.


Once we have the desired result, we can keep it as shiny as the first day, as long as we use effective products.

Insight creates Blonde, the ally for a perfect color

The Blonde line was created to meet the needs of processed blonde hair, to help it stay hydrated, nourished and to work on reflects, counteracting the orange effect, which is bond to appear in processed blonde hair, after a few washes or prolonged sun exposure. This line is also great for cooling the highlights of natural blonde hair and keeping it shiny.


Let's take a look at the products in detail.

  • Blonde Cold Reflections Brightening Shampoo. This shampoo is designed for treated hair, its gentle formula does not damage the hair shaft and cleanses leaving it hydrated and ready for subsequent treatments. At the same time it acts on the highlights of treated or natural hair, helping to get rid of warm, orange highlights.


  • Blonde Cold Reflections Hair Mask. This mask, left on for 5-10 minutes, restores nourishment and hydration to the hair, helping to maintain the health of the shaft. At the same time it acts on the color, removing the yellowish tone from the highlights, and restoring a cool, bright blonde.


  • Blonde Color Reflection Hair Booster. This product is a coloring or bleaching additive that you can request at your local salon. It is a unique formula that can be mixed with Insight bleaching powders or Incolor shades to customize the color and enhance the ash or cold reflects.


The entire Blonde line is VeganOK certified, Nickel tested and contains allergen-free fragrances for maximum safety and a professional performance.


Try it for yourself, rediscover the  highlights of your blonde hair!