Natural Choice

Natural Choice

Cosmos Natural Certification

We often hear about organic or natural certifications in the world of cosmetics, but do we really know what they entail? For the Insight Sensitive line we have chosen the Cosmos Natural certification, here we tell you what it is





This rigorous internationally recognized standard was developed by the five main European certification bodies for natural and organic cosmetics (BDIH - Germany, COSMEBIO & amp; ECOCERT - France, ICEA - Italy, SOIL ASSOCIATION - United Kingdom) and establishes the requirements to be met in order for a cosmetic to be defined as organic and / or natural.


Its purpose is the application of the principles of sustainable development throughout the cosmetics supply chain, from the characterization of raw materials to the distribution of finished products.


Those rules are:

  • Promote the use of products from organic farming and respecting biodiversity;
  • The use of natural resources responsibly and respecting the environment;
  • The use of processes and productions that are clean and respectful of human health and the environment;
  • The integration and development of the concept of Green Chemistry. 


The ultimate goal is therefore to address the essential issues for the environment and for the well-being of mankind on the planet , to promote the development of increasingly natural and biological .


This is necessary for the respect of consumers who must be informed, in a clear and transparent way, in order to be themselves the actors of sustainable development.




For our products we have chosen the certification level COSMOS NATURAL: & nbsp; what does it provide?

  • The formulation must contain a high percentage of natural origin;
  • The percentage of components of natural origin must be indicated on the finished product;
  • Packaging must be minimized, to reduce the impact on the environment.