Summer Beach Vibes

Summer Beach Vibes

Year-round summer effect with Insight Professional's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Experience summer on your hair 12 months a year with Insight Professional's new Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Discover it now!

There's a secret to riding the right wave year-round, and it's called Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Insight Professional's new texturizing product with sea salt was created to give body and volume to your hair and is the perfect solution for styling a wavy beach look hair any time of day, and year!

Thanks to its formula enriched with sea salt and organic aloe extract, our Texturizing Sea Salt Spray leaves hair light and voluminous, without greasing or weighing it down, easily recreating the beach wave effect. The natural wavy look, reminiscent of seawater and moving the hair while keeping it in the style, is the perfect look for summertime and beyond, loved by stars around the world especially at the beach or on vacation, when it's natural to look tidy while still communicating an idea of imaginative freedom with your style.

Texturizing Sea Salt Spray is a versatile, professional-quality product, suitable for all hair types, and made by our in-house Research & Development Laboratory in full compliance with the values of sustainability and innovation that guide Insight Professional. Its Vegan OK-certified and nickel-tested formula also makes it an ideal haircare ally for anyone with a strong green sensibility and a desire for conscious beauty.

With Texturizing Sea Salt Spray you can wear the sea on your hair, giving it body, volume and movement.

Depending on the desired effect on your hair, you can use Texturizing Sea Salt Spray in different ways.

Apply it to damp hair to recreate the natural effect of hair exposed to the sun, a vivacious and carefree look that is popular with those looking for a nice style that is never over the top. Alternatively, apply it to dry hair to give a volumizing and shaping effect.

Spray it directly on the hair at a suitable distance, or in the palm of your hand, and proceed by shaping the strands manually.

Let it dry naturally or using the help of a diffuser or blow dryer.

Whichever way you choose to use Texturizing Sea Salt Spray you can give vibrancy and movement to your hairstyle in just a few minutes, creating in just a few moves a beach tousled effect look made up of lots of unruly waves that will enhance any hair type: curly, straight, long or short.

With Texturizing Sea Salt Spray live the thrill of summer on your hair 12 months a year.