Ingredients Are Important 🌿

Ingredients Are Important 🌿


Make sure you know how to read your product labels!

Did you know that over half of products on the market labeled 'natural' are in fact NOT!

What to look for:
🌿Check ingredient lists, the first 5/6 ingredients will tell you all you need to know. Ingredient lists are arranged by quantity inside the product, the first being what the product is mostly made up of. Are they natural extracts/herbs, fruits, plants?

🌿Look for products that are Paraben-Free

🌿Check Nickel content. Many natural ingredients used in products are irritants, so although they are natural they are not healthy and should not be used on your skin

Why do some labels say 'natural' when they are NOT?

🌿Manufacturers each have different standards of 'natural' and they are not regulated by a governing body

This is why we proudly partner with Insight Professional because we share the same values.  Using up to date formulations and the best natural & vegan ingredients, to treat the hair in the healthiest possible way while maintaining a deep care and respect for our environment.